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This website is set out into three areas of use:

  1. Cases

  2. Evidence


The “cases” page (see the top of this page) takes you to the general index, from there you can chose which case to read. At the time of writing this (10th feb 2011) only the case file on Dr Robert Ouko is anywhere near complete (although there is still a lot more to come) but we will be adding new material on a daily basis, so keep on dropping by to see whats new. Also if you have any relevant information of your own or your own theories please feel free to forwards them...we need all the help we can get...

The case studies are all derived from original source material and where possible these sources have been added to the “Evidence” section, so that the reader can see for themselves how a particular part of the case evolved. “Evidence” contains a lot of scanned and large file size papers so is quite taxing on internet resources, so use it carefully if you have to pay per Mb of bandwidth.

The third section “comment” is an area where the reader can add their thoughts and feelings about what has been said in the articles. You may have new evidence of your own which you would like to share...if it can be backed up we will be happy to incorporate it into the stories. Or you may feel that our conclusions don’t fit with the evidence, in which case

again we’d love to hear your ideas. In all cases we try to keep as open and non-censorial approach as possible.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the site ...and tell your friends!

The Unsolved Team


How to use this Site...

The site is continuous work in progress, but the first story to unfurl “The murder of   Dr Robert Ouko” is largely complete, although, there is still more to come...and more hard evidence will be added daily for the weeks to come. In the case of Dr Robert Ouko we have gone back to the original sources surrounding the mystery, and whilst we can’t make any promises as   to ‘who did it’ we can at least give the reader a better chance at understanding the facts rather than the fictions that surround this unsolved case.

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